Manitoba Water Stewardship – Integrated Watershed Management

La Salle River Integrated Watershed Management Plan

The La Salle River watershed encompasses 2,400km2 of the central plains region of Manitoba.  It is home to a large number of small communities including 5 rural municipalities and portions of the City of Winnipeg.  The watershed is also represented by 5 planning districts, a wide variety of producer groups, Hutterite Colonies, community associations, business […]

Stephenfield Lake Watershed Management Plan

The Stephenfield Lake watershed is a 370 square mile area located approximately 60 miles south west of Winnipeg along the Manitoba Escarpment. The population of the watershed is approximately 3885. Land use/cover is approximately 81.5% agriculture, 13.5% trees, 3.5% urban & transportation and 1.5% water. The major economic resource is agriculture. In the fall of […]

How Does The Planning Process Work?

Under the recently enabled Water Protection Act, the La Salle Redboine Conservation District has been established as Water Planning Authority (WPA).  This means that the Conservation District has been assigned the responsibility of preparing and implementing watershed plans for watersheds within the district.  This process will be community driven and requires the support, opinions and knowledge of […]

The Watershed Approach – A Local Solution

The issues identified above are not singular unrelated problems.  They cannot be fixed in isolation.  They are symptoms of a larger concern and must be treated as a system.  That system is the watershed!  Watersheds are defined as areas of land that captures precipitation (i.e. rain, snow melt) and funnels it to a river, lake […]

Integrated Watershed Management Plans

Flooding, declining water quality, soil erosion, loss of wildlife habitat, streambank erosion, wetland drainage, lack of drought protection and increasing water demand are all common concerns for many watersheds in southern Manitoba.  As populations increase, so are demands for access to drinkable water.  Development and intense use of areas near watercourses contribute to water contamination […]