Redboine Watershed District offers a number of beneficial programs to landowners dealing with Soil Management, Water Management and Pasture Management. Click on the Program name below for a downloadable application.

Redboine Watershed District - General Programs

We are here to help our residents and landowners better manage their soil and water resources through technical and financial assistance in implementing beneficial management practices.

Find out more about programs available in our district!

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Source Water Protection Program

  • To help maintain overall water quality,
  • To lessen amounts of nutrients/contaminants entering the groundwater system,
  • Improve quality of drinking water.
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Surface Water Management Program

  • To protect surface water quality in water channels and bodies,
  • To eliminate field run-off from blocking drains & crossings with excess residue and topsoil,
  • To minimize effects of spring flooding by slowing run-off,
  • To maintain local soil health, and to minimize soil loading rates downstream
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Riparian & Wetland Protection Program

  • To improve water quality, by preventing the inflow of wastes and eroded soils,
  • To stabilize shorelines by increasing root biomass, reducing trampling and to protect natural shoreline ecosystems,
  • To protect wetland ecosystems and habitat
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Pasture Management Program

  • To maintain productive forage cover on lands that would otherwise be prone to erosion,
  • To protect Riparian areas,
  • To remove livestock pressure from water sources and provide alternate watering sources to livestock managers,
  • To provide assistance as to beneficial management of pasture lands.
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Shelterbelt Program

To minimize the impact of wind erosion, create wildlife habitat, increase habitat connectivity, improve localized crop yields and retain soil moisture.

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Community Conservation & Education Grant Application

This program is intended to assist applicants in the development of community-based conservation & education resources. Projects can include workshops, seminars, school events, interpreters, speakers, literature, or publications related to sustainable land management practices. Projects can include equipment required for conservation education projects such as water quality testing kits or purchasing educational materials.

Projects can also be for nature trails, tree plantings, conservation land set asides, and other similar projects.

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GROW Program

  • To protect watershed resources using EG&S programs,
  • To protect Class 1 & 2 wetlands through incentives for landowners
  • To protect Riparian areas through eliminating grazing pressure,
  • To minimize effects of spring flooding by slowing run-off,
  •  To maintain local soil health, and to minimize soil loading rates downstream
  • Short Version of Brochure GROW Program Brochure (2pg)
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