Public Education is a very important tool for us at Redboine Watershed District.  We strive to give our local residents as many opportunities as possible to learn about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  We also work with other Educational Partners to create awareness of sustainable land-use & conservation practices through community and school programs.

Pelly's Lake Nature Trail

The Pelly’s Lake Nature Trail is a 1.5km trail that takes users along the hills above Pelly’s Lake. It offers scenic views of the Pelly’s Lake Watershed Management Area and a picnic shelter for a quick snack or lunch.

Water Festivals

Water Festivals are an important part of environmental education and give students an opportunity to get out in nature and experience hands-on activities. Redboine Watershed District has helped out with many water festivals, especially the Binney Water Festival which we co-host with the Pembina Valley Watershed District every year.

Pinkerton Lakes Wildlife Refuge

Pinkerton Lakes Wildlife Refuge is located 6 miles south of Treherne on PR# 242.  There is a multi-use trail including a floating dock walkway, picnic shelter & watchtower.  It is an excellent place for viewing birds and wildlife.

Manitoba Envirothon

Envirothon is an annual hands-on environmental education competition for high school students, designed to encourage team work, problem-solving skills, and public speaking skills while fostering an appreciation for current environmental issues.  Often referred to as the “Environmental Olympics”, Envirothon combines the exhilaration of team competition, the challenge of learning about environmental issues, and the experience of using this knowledge in hands-on activities. This approach to environmental education helps students to develop skills necessary to address environmental issues, such as team work, problem-solving, critical thinking, and public debate.

Redboine Watershed District has been helping to co-host regional Envirothon competitions since 2010, as well as supporting Envirothon teams from our local schools.

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River Watch

The Red River Basin River Watch Monitoring Program, or River Watch, began in Minnesota in 1995.  The watershed-wide program provides hands-on science opportunities for students, teachers, and citizens in Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba.  The program provides leadership experiences for students, promotes community understanding of the importance of watersheds, and contributes to a greater understanding of baseline water quality in the Red River Basin.  Water sampling is done on a regular basis; usually once a month throughout the open water season.  In Manitoba, the program is delivered by the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre, and locally by the South Central Eco Institute.

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Boyne Valley Nature Trail

The Boyne Valley Nature Trail is located in the Town of Treherne.  It is a 1.5km trail that winds through the valley of a small tributary of the Boyne River.  There are two 80ft bridges along the trail, one of which is covered.

Community Conservation Education Grants

Education for both landowners and school groups is the key to providing for long-term watershed health. Our Community Conservation Education Grant Program provides funding and assistance to communities and schools for the development of conservation education resources and includes projects like Nature Trails, Tree Plantings, Workshops, MB Envirothon, River Watch, and more.

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Conservation Award

Each year, the Watershed District recognizes an individual, family or a group who have been actively promoting and practicing wise land management through the use of conservation practices.  Examples of possible nominations would be a family who as an intensive recycling program, a farm that has implemented beneficial management practices throughout their operation, or a group working to increase awareness of sustainable land use management.

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